Hi. Here’s the New Look of Rainwater Collection.

Since 2008, we’ve been designing highly functional outdoor living spaces that hold from 65 to 4,000+ gallons of rainwater inside them, using the kits and plans found here.

And now you can, too. Read below to find out why the sky’s the limit with Second Rain’s Rain Bench® DIY kits…

As Seen on TV 

Tiny House Nation used two of Second Rain’s 300 gallon DIY Cedar Rain Bench kits, built according to our detailed instructions and arranged in this ‘L’ shaped seating.

Yep, that’s 600 gallons of rainwater storage for this off-grid Tiny House in Los Angeles, California.

And it qualifies for the $300 SoCal WaterSmart rebate. How cool is that?


What Rainwater Harvesting Could Look Like.

a nice addition to any garden

Mom’s Rain Bench in the Garden

More Than just a Small, Family-Owned Business. Second Rain is a Revolutionary Idea.

Rain Bench® DIY kits give you the ability to integrate rainwater into virtually any design style. Every purchase includes free access to our current suite of plans through the membership area..

Automatically Water Your Landscape with Rainwater, Entirely Hidden!


Sold. Show me the Products!

D.I.– Why?

Why pass up profit and hand it straight to our customers?

Simply this: We think burning fuel to haul the bulk of materials across the country is unnecessary if you can find it in your local area.

And what can you find just about everywhere? Lumber. Even better? Construction waste and Recycled plastic lumber.

That said, this can get pretty advanced DIY.  You’ll need some carpentry and plumbing skills and tools (or know someone local who has them!)

How does it work?

Each kit contains detailed plans, shopping list, cutting diagrams, etc.

If you decide to build your own Rain Bench, the first step is building a box. Then you’ll attach 2 small ‘liner locks’ inside that the liner mounts onto. You can make or buy these along with a DIY liner kit. Once you do that, you can build longer Rain Benches and build them into larger structures and get all fancy.

The powerful customization options give you flexibility to create the exact size and style rainwater harvesting system you want. That is huge.  Well, at least it can be…

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Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. We’ve been figuring this rainwater thing out for a while. It’s our passion.

Our philosophy is to treat you as we would treat our own grandmas. And we love our grandmas.


“Peace Love Irrigation,” was one of the many sayings of Ray Gear (1949-1999), an icon in the irrigation industry of central Wisconsin.  We’ll see you next time we look at you, Dad…

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Scott & Teri Gear, brother and sister, somewhere in the Adirondacks. Funny, they don’t look completely lost…

The Average Household Can Save


Gallons Per Year By Using Rainwater

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