And how much water should you use?

Funny you ask, because I was about to holler out a big “Thank You!” across the rolling hills to you…

But now I can save my lungs, and my neighbors’ confusion.

No really, you deserve a pat on the back. According to the most recent USGS report (ok it was from 2010, but I still believe in you), the average daily water use by Americans was down about 10%, from 99 gallons per day to 88 gallons per day.

If that seems high, it’s because we normally irrigate our lawns and landscapes with drinking water. Seems silly when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

So back to the question at hand: How much rain to save? 88 gallons a day? If it rained that much, we wouldn’t need to irrigate; we’d need a boat. But everyone’s water use is different and everyone’s climate is different, so what’s a water conscious homeowner to do?  Never fear, the Rain Geek is here!  I love numbers, so I cobbled my way around excel and came up with a halfway decent calculator that anyone can plug in 3 or 4 basic fields and

voila! You have your ideal rainwater storage capacity.

Sure, there are some averages built into this calculator, like the above mentioned 88 gallons per person per day (you can change this if you want, hopefully lower! ;), and outdoor water use is calculated at 58%, again taken from past USGS reports of average domestic water use. Above is a screenshot of that calculator.