140g liner

$59.98 $48.98

Two layers of 4 mil plastic liner. Two threaded PVC fittings. 140 gallons of rainwater.WoodwardBench

You could fill it up and jump on it, but we recommend using it inside a bench like this (plans available in the 140gal DIY kit).

btw Scott is 190 lbs (ok 200+ after Thanksgiving). Really, please don’t jump on the liners. This was just for testing purposes…

Liner-pounce(but it was pretty fun)


RainBench liner – $59.95   $ 48.98


Make your own reservoir, 140 gallon max capacity, 1 liner only.

Heavy duty formed to fit 32″w x 32″h x 32″l.

FDA approved Food Grade, 2 ply, 4 mil polyethylene liner as in our kits.  Two 2″FIP fittings are welded onto each liner, no extra fittings.  2 year warranty