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how to correctly install a rain barrel

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Any rainwater harvesting/ sustainable living website would not be complete without a 'how to correctly install a rain barrel' post... First, check out the rain basics i and ii page here.  (& click on the barrel to see how it was painted - very easy) Then let's cover the 4 fundamental requirements:  safety, overflow, quality [...]

potting rain bench

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plants pots dirtwater the potting bench has evolved. Here is an example of a RainBench DIY kit built to exact specs (21"h x 28"w x 36"l), holding 65 gallons, with a fully functional potting bench placed right on top. Perfect for more remote gardens where you don't want to string hoses or haul buckets. Notice the little [...]

bottom-filling a rain bench

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Most of us would not try to fill a glass of water, or any container for that matter, by forcing it in the bottom. Why, then, do we insist that your rain bench be bottom-filled?  Hopefully  this post will explain that... Numero Uno:  Most important is the concept of pressure release.  Yes, I learned this the hard way. Picture [...]

groundwater recharge

By |2016-12-12T06:29:47+00:00January 7th, 2011|raindom, sustainable design|

A very lucid video illustrating what happens if we all just grab some shovels and get dirty!  (if we do it right, that is...) **Update** It appears someone doesn't want us watching that nice educational video, so here is a graphic that shows about the same thing, illustrating the importance of ditches, swales, rain gardens [...]

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