Plethora of Plans

Plethora of Plans

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Can’t decide which plans to check out first? You’re in luck.

You can grab them all, right now, for something ridiculous like 85% off retail. It’s about 10 sets of plans (the list is growing), available to download and peruse immediately after purchase.

You will receive a confirmation email right after purchase with links to all of the plans, diverter instructions, DIY guide as .pdfs and our rain calculator in excel format.


Don’t have time to read all this stuff? Neither do I.

So I’m randomly throwing 30 more pages of the best stuff, from ideas to step-by-step to resources to more ideas. So you can catch and store mass quantities of rainwater, in the coolest ways imaginable.

Ever thought you would hear that phrase?

You can also download this rain calculator, complete with rainfall data from 250 cities and all 50 states, so you can find exactly how much you can expect to collect from your own roof in your own city in any given month, or how much Uncle Jack can collect up in Anchorage in July (sorry, calculating snowfall harvesting is way beyond my abilities in excel.)

And, it’s guaranteed. So you don’t feel foolish if you buy it and get nothing from it.

That’s right. If you read through this and feel dumber for actually reading it, simply shoot me an email to tell me and I will happily refund your money plus a lil something for your time..

So these are the downloads that will be immediately available via email as soon as you click ‘buy’ (or submit, or something like that):

  1. The DIY Guide to Insanely Cool Rainwater Harvesting
  2. Original 65 gallon Rain Bench DIY plans
  3. Original Rain Bench owners manual
  4. 130 gallon cedar ‘wrap & cap’ plans
  5. 140 gallon plywood rain reservoir plans
  6. 140 gallon full detailed ply reservoir plans
  7. 280 gallon plywood rain reservoir plans
  8. 140 gallon “Woodward” cedar plans
  9. 300 gallon original Tiny House Nation cedar bench plans
  10. New & improved 300 gallon cedar rain bench
  11. Saving Rain Diverter instructions
  12. Solar powered Rainwater Calculator (kidding, it’s an excel file)