at Second Rain,our goal is to integrate the purpose and functionality of rain barrels with the aesthetic appeal and usefulness of good landscape design. We are a Wisconsin company founded by a family of professional landscape designers/installers and horticulturists who have been creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes for decades.

we believe that the next step in the green movement is to create functional spaces that serve multiple environmental purposes, not only in large scale developments but in everyday life.

you now have the potential for large amounts of rainwater storage within your patio seat wall, side table, pillar, freestanding wall, potting bench, and any number of other hardscapes. You may not have room for a rain barrel or cistern, or maybe you already have one or two and would like more. Perhaps you have not even considered the advantages of storing rainwater, but you would like to add an outdoor room to expand your living space and increase your property value. In any case, we would like to help you save money, rainwater, and yes, the world.

the Answer to our struggles with volatile climate changes, global warming, abusing our natural resources and massive water shortages does not lie in an environmental tug-of-war, trying to force everyone to give up their way of life versus claiming our way of life is not the problem. It will be found when a small group of people change their focus and discover ways for the rest of us to live sustainably while living comfortably.