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Super excited to be able to offer this to you free, basically anywhere you are, to figure out how much you can catch and store in all of your new Rain Benches! 😉

It is set up to fill in the yellow fields, but feel free to adjust whatever you want here, and if you type over a formula and royally screw it up, hey, just refresh your browser and it will reset. Brilliant!

The formulas are entered based on average domestic water use data, specific for each state, from usgs.gov. About 58% of this is estimated to go toward watering plants around homes. This does not include industrial or agricultural use.

Rainfall data is from https://usclimatedata.com, and we have entered 5 cities for each state, tried to select them based on geographic location to cover the broadest regions for wherever you live. If you are in an area that is not near any of the state/city selections in this calculator, let us know and we will add it. Thanks!

Hope you enjoy using this and find it helpful, and thanks for sharing it with your friends.

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