When you realize 55 gallons of water is not nearly enough…


It’s time to set a new standard in rainwater storage.

It’s time to save water like you’ve never done before.

300 gallons of rainwater collection.

One beautiful cedar bench.

All.  In.  One.

300galDIYkit Does it cost a small fortune?

Not with this handy dandy little DIY kit.

Now you can just order this, follow the detailed downloadable .pdf instructions (19 pages of illustrations and step-by-step for DIYers!)

UPDATE Feb 2017: We have simplified the instructions to make it a little easier to build with other materials. Both the new and old sets of instructions are available as .pdf downloads immediately upon purchase of this kit.

Pick up the cedar lumber locally – includes a shopping list to bring along.  (I strapped it all to the roof rack of my jeep)

Cut, drill, screw together, then do the chicken dance!!!


After building the first one, these 2 realized it also makes a grand stage for random improv performance



Why?  Because depending on where you live, it may cost you LESS than 6 new rain barrels.  And now,

1.  You don’t have to try to hide 6 barrels,

2.  You have a new cedar bench, so you can

Save Water, Just By Sitting There.

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