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Rain Bench DIY kit: 300g cedar

$349.98 $299.98

300 gallon Cedar Rain Bench DIY kit as seen on Tiny House Nation, liners, specialty fittings and detailed plans supplied by yours truly here at Second Rain.

Why does this one cost more than the 280 gal DIY kit? It actually has 3 liners (up to 140 gallons each), can be built to hold 420 gallons at 32″ tall, but the plans show how to build a more comfy cedar bench. Having a beautiful seat is the trade off for not filling them to capacity, that’s all.

Includes 3 liners, fittings, diverter, and plans with shopping list to buy local cedar and build your own.


Finally.  Rainwater storage that looks as good as it feels.

We just put it together and now we’re already blowing it up (aka watch this flyapart video):

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.16.24 AM

If you watch the show Tiny House Nation, you may have seen the 2 Cedar Rain Benches they built exactly according to our original plans.  Each one was made using 3 heavy duty Second Rain Rain Bench liners and cedar lumber, which was stained a beautiful dark brown.  They were set up in an ‘L’ outdoor seating arrangement for a total of 600 gallons of functional rainwater storage.

Wanna build one or two of your own?

300galDIYkitThe Complete 300 gal Cedar Rain Bench DIY kit:  includes 3 liners, downloadable instructions (for either option), as well as all necessary PVC fittings, internal tubing and a Saving Rain diverter. The only thing you purchase locally are lumber & screws, right off from the shopping list in the instructions, and enough extra tubing to reach wherever you place your Rain Bench…

300 gal Cedar Rain Bench DIY kit

You will receive the instructions you can download immediately, so you can take the shopping list and start building your bench today. Then, when your DIY kit arrives, you just pop the liners in, hook up the specialty fittings and start saving rain in style.

The instructions in this kit show you exactly how to build a 96″L x 25″H x 33″W bench that holds 300 gallons of rainwater.

The 300 gal Cedar Rain Bench DIY Kit Includes:SavingRainDiverter

1) Illustrated step-by-step instructions (.pdf) to build your 300 gal Cedar Rain Bench (both options included, you pick) with shopping lists for lumber
3) Custom fitted 2-ply food grade liner, 32″x32″x32″
6) Mosquito resistant PVC fittings welded to liner
UV-resistant food grade tubing, 1″ I.D., 16’L pre-cut to fit
6) Reducers, 2″x1″ PVC thread
6) 1″ Tee thread to barb
2) 1″ barb to 3/4″ male hose adapter
1) Garden Hose shut-off valve
3) Rolls Teflon thread tape, 260″
1) Saving Rain diverter


Materials to purchase separately:

  • Cedar tongue & groove lumber:  shopping list included
  • Fasteners:   1 5/8″ deck screws & 2″ deck screws
  • Hinges, latch hardware if you want to open up the cap
  • Enough tubing to reach bench* (now available in our online store)

*Varies depending on how far away you place your bench.  Adapters are included for garden hose too, but the flow is restricted more than 1″ I.D. tubing.

Tools needed:

  • Miter and/or circular saw
  • Drill/ screwdriver
  • Drill bits:  countersink (pre-drilling), 1 1/2″ dia.
  • Hammer/ wood chisel (or use saw)
  • Tape measure, pencil
  • Safety glasses, gloves

Catch Some

Below:  finished examples of the original design, 2 of the 300 gallon benches in and ‘L’ seating layout, for 600 gallons total capacity  (That’s enough to keep a 10’x 10′ garden watered for over 2 months of NO RAIN!!):

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.15.13 AMTinyHouseScreenshot2

If you live in southern California, you can get this DIY kit for FREE!

-with up to $300 in water incentives from SoCal Water$mart (http://socalwatersmart.com/index.php/qualifyingproducts/rain-barrels and more from various cities, they are willing to pay you to have a beautiful cedar rain bench.

Check out our YouTube channel for a (very) quick vid of Scott putting together one of the originals…


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