DIY kit: 280 gal

DIY kit: 280 gal

$219.99 $198.98

One of our latest designs, a little longer bench that uses 2 standard Rain Bench liners to hold a massive 280 gallons.

In one bench! Yes, that is correct. This one bench, when you buy the lumber locally according to the shopping list included–

(or better yet have your local handyman or carpenter do it!)

Shown right: different materials, same 280 gal kit. Those plans coming soon!

One bench can hold as much as 5 (FIVE) rain barrels. And look, and function, so much better.


“double bench” kit –$219.99  $ 198.98


You came over because you were inspired by that 140 gallon kit, weren’t you? Good thinking.

The Complete 280 gallon Rain Bench DIY kit includes:

  • (2) Rain Bench 140 gallon liners,
  • (1) Saving Rain diverter,
  • downloadable instructions to build a 3′ deep x 2 1/2′ tall x 5 1/2′ long treated plywood Rain Bench (customizable to other benches shown on this page)
  • All necessary specialty PVC, insert fittings and adapters to hook up to 1″ tubing or garden hose
  • All internal food grade 1″ I.D. black vinyl tubing.

The only thing you purchase locally (sold separately) are the lumber & screws right off the shopping list, included in the instructions. and enough extra tubing or hose to reach from the downspout diverter to wherever you place your Rain Bench. It should be located anywhere, and not next to the downspout as it will fill from the bottom.

Now let’s blow it up..

How can it possibly get any better than this?

Well, actually I don’t know if you saw the 300 gallon cedar Rain Bench DIY kit yet, but…  you might want to give it a gander  😉


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