Rain gauge

Rain gauge

$12.00 $7.00


100% recycled. Ships straight from our little shop in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA.

For winter in cold climates (and we know cold climates), simply pull the water tube out and place it upside down.

Accurately reads up to 4″ of rainfall — after that, you need to stop looking at the rain gauge and find a boat. 😉


A rain gauge that inspires action, conversation, and perhaps even a little precipitation…

BeTheChangeRainGauge$12    $7.00 


Made with recycled, biodegradable material. For winter in cold climates simply pull the water tube out and place it upside down.

Bonus:  Included with this purchase will be access to our Ultimate DIY Rainwater Collection Guide –

a compilation of over a decade of study, testing and installing a plethora of rainwater harvesting systems..


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