DIY kit: 140 gal

DIY kit: 140 gal

$109.99 $89.99

This RainBench DIY Kit is for someone with basic DIY carpentry and plumbing skills.  Save cash on shipping so you can go on that vacation you deserve.  Buy lumber & hardware locally (usually ~$30-40) to support Hank down the road,

or better yet, use recycled construction waste and blow everyone’s mind with how ridiculously environmentally conscious and brilliant you are.

The 140 gallon Rain Bench DIY Kit includes:

  • 1) Illustrated instructions to build your Rain Bench
  • 1) Custom fitted 2-ply waterproof liner, 32″x32″x32″
  • 2) Mosquito resistant PVC fittings welded to liner
  • 2) 18″ UV-resistant BPA free, food grade 1″ I.D. black tubing
  • 2) 6″ UV-resistant BPA free, food grade 1″ I.D. black tubing
  • 2) Reducers, 2″x 1″ PVC thread
  • 2) 1″ 90º elbow thread to barb (insert)
  • 1) 1″ barb to 3/4″ hose adapter
  • 1) Garden Hose shut-off valve
  • 1) Roll Teflon thread tape, 260″


you could throw a flat 4’x 4′ piece on top and make it into a rain dining patio table –  See? I told you their minds will be blown.

Materials purchased separately:

  • 2) 4’x8′ – 1/2″ exterior grade plywood (treated is best)   Many suppliers will make the cuts according to the instructions diagram for a small fee!!
  • 4) 2×4 x10′ lumber
  • 2) 1×4 x10′ lumber (optional for trim)
  • Large flat slab for table top (optional)
  • Fasteners:  1 lb. of 1 5/8″ deck screws
  • Small can of sealer/ paint

Tools needed:

  • A saw, a drill and a pencil


Acts like a rain barrel, Looks like a bench, Tastes like chicken. Ok don’t eat it, but if you did, it includes a 140 gallon FDA approved food grade liner
A plethora of specialty fittings and simple illustrated instructions help make it easy to build your own Rain Bench and connect to either 1″ tubing or garden hose to a diverter to fill, and a hose adapter and shutoff for use.

Watch one come apart…

…and fly back together.

Detailed instructions (downloadable .pdf right after purchase) help you build this 36″L x 36″W x 32 1/2″H bench that holds 140 gallons of rainwater. That’s a lot of water.

The only way you could do better is if you bought 2 kits, but then you may as well get the 280 gallon DIY kit and build a “double bench”- saving more trees AND water. You’re basically saving the world here.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 12 in


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