check this out. every patio should have one…

…or two, or three.

This is another way of making a self watering garden with our RainBench™ DIY kits (2 kits per 8’x3′ garden above).

The beginning of the video graphic above shows the RainBench™ DIY465, how it is assembled from the ground up.  Then just add another, facing the fittings either away or toward the middle to form the 8′ base/reservoir for the raised garden bed, effectively giving you the following benefits:

  1. The perfect height for working in or picking your fresh veggies (about 30″ or table height).
  2. You will have one or two hidden compartments below to store garden tools, hoses, etc.
  3. Get a massive 24 square feet of garden space (8’x3′)
  4. Build your own, DIY style (2 kits), and save a ton of money on materials and shipping.  (cost is about $440 including cedar, $320 with green treated decking around these parts)
  5. Build one half this size, using just one DIY465 kit, and cut these costs above pretty much in half.
  6. Use much less soil or potting mix than a full height raised planter, making this lighter and even mobile (somewhat)
  7. 130 gallons of water capacity allows for extra long wicking potential, reducing your maintenance and chance for drying up (say, if you go away for the week)
  8. Extra water storage allows for other uses, just like having a tank or rain barrel handy…

Check back here for the plans and kit, online soon, or just fill out the contact form below to be notified as soon as this is available, as well as other updates and wildly cool new products we come up with next!

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Thanks, and Happy Gardening!